COVID updates: PM says timeline for reaching vaccination goal is ‘up to us as


So why don’t we have a timeline on this? 

Because it’s all up to us as Australians, Morrison says.

“We haven’t put timelines on this because the timelines are now in the hands of all Australians together with state and territory governments and the federal government.

We get there when we get there and I hope we get there as soon as we can and the more people who go forward to get these vaccinations. For example, the walk-in AstraZeneca clinics, I’ve been greatly encouraged by the increase in the take-up of the AZ vaccine, particularly in the past month. We have seen those rates, particularly under the age of 40 and particularly in New South Wales, but we’ve seen it in other states and territories as well, and seeing an increasing rate of vaccination with the AZ, AstraZeneca, vaccine in those aged over 50. So we welcome that, we think that’s great.

“If you want to get vaccinated, the AZ vaccine is there for you, it is a highly effective vaccine, as we’ve seen all around the world. It’s how the United Kingdom have got to their 70% substantially and so many other countries as well, but it is the most recognised COVID-19 vaccine in the world, and it is there and available to boost the vaccination efforts right across the country.”

So does the PM think we’ll get to the next phase by the end of the year? 

“We’re not going to set timetables on it. I would hope so but that is entirely up to how the nation responds to this challenge we’re setting for ourselves, for each and every one of us. There will certainly be the supply and the distribution and the opportunity to do that. But whether that is achieved is up to all of us.”

Well, you heard the man. If we don’t get there, it’s our own fault.

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