Titans Trailer Shows Red Hood’s Origin, Batman’s Retirement


Jason Todd’s brutal transformation into Red Hood and Bruce Wayne’s retirement as Batman highlight the official trailer for HBO Max’s Titans.

Red Hood is born and Batman retires in the official trailer for Titans.

The trailer begins by showing Dick Grayson’s early days as a youth before becoming Batman’s Boy Wonder. Next, we hear a speaker off-camera — possibly Dr. Jonathan Crane’s Scarecrow — saying how Batman uses fear to control everyone. We then move to Jason Todd’s brutal beating by the Joker at an amusement park, with a Gotham news station pronouncing Robin dead as Tim Drake watches on. This is enough to cause Bruce Wayne to officially retire from being Batman, leaving the Titans to defend Gotham City.

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Dick Grayson pays a visit to his former flame, Commissioner Barbara Gordon, and Red Hood declares Batman gone and Gotham his as he executes a room full of mobsters. These violent acts cause Barbara and the Titans to investigate this new vigilante, though they are unaware the person behind the Red Hood is their former teammate.

Scarecrow appears to be a consultant for the GCPD, though since he’s an infamous member of Batman’s rogues gallery, he obviously can’t be trusted. He looks to be playing an intricate game of chess, with Red Hood and the Titans pawns in his evil game. It’s unknown if Season 3 of Titans will conclude with the team learning Jason Todd is alive as Red Hood, as well as how he will be brought to life after he’s killed by Joker.

Titans Season 3 airs Thursday, Aug. 12, with subsequent episodes streaming weekly on HBO Max.

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Source: HBO Max

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Read More:Titans Trailer Shows Red Hood’s Origin, Batman’s Retirement

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